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Welcome! Vistaserv.net is a grass-roots web hosting initiative hailing from Thornbury, Australia. Inspired by the quirky web of the 90s, we allow users to create home pages, your own little sandbox on the World Wide Web, as it were.

We started Vistaserv because we want to create a virtual local community on the Internet, while giving people a place online that they can truly customise and call their own. Hopefully, we can share some of the wonderment and excitement of the early web, before big corporate walled gardens came along and told us what our online profiles should look like.

Go wild, add animated GIFs, select a garish colour scheme for your home page. Do everything you'd like to, with nobody to tell you it's not sufficiently Web 2.0! It's easy and totally free to use. We encourage you to take inspiration from what others have done, and learn a little HTML in the process!

What's happening at Vistaserv?

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